Authors : Ido Biran and Claudia Guerra

University : University of California of Los Angeles

Status : BArch1, 2012

Advisor : Greg Lynn

Title : Wii Center

This studio explored how robotics is already integrated into architecture and how it might be re-thought by designers focusing on social and cultural interaction and experience over multi-functionality, flexibility or efficiency. Instead of replacing existing functions with robotics the students looked at innovations in design that will bring a new animated sensibility and liveliness to spaces and places. The Research Studio will culminate in a comprehensive design project that integrates motion elements into an architectural design of a freestanding building proposal in an urban context.

The Wii Center, a showcase for the Nintendo Wii System, explores the liminal area between the virtual and reality while publicizing the private home gaming experience.

Interactive programmatic volumes are designed to maximize immersive projection potential, while also projecting the internal gaming activity onto the outside surface. These volumes are organized by a ribbon of floor plates that moves up and around the building, framing views from floor plate to floor plate and from activity to activity. Simultaneously, a motion ride glides through the building, piercing the volumes at key moments and creating a “sneak peak” movie-trailer alternative promenade through the entire experience.

The ribbon through the flickering images creates phenomenal movement as the user moves through the space, while the faster paced literal movement of the motion ride takes the micro context of the living room into the macro context of the amusement park.