Author : Liran Yehuda Shukrun

University : Ariel University,  School of Architecture

Status : MArch, 2014

Advisors : Prof. Beni R. Levy, Itzhak Elhadif, Udi Mendelson, Dana Oberson and Yoav Lanir

Title : Terra Nova

This thesis takes roots in the city of Beer Sheva in south of Israel; it aims to reveal the contrast as well as the intertwined and growing relationship between the modernist object and the modern mortal perception. The naked landscape of the desert accentuates the gap between the local native spirit and the eastern European urban planning. It inserts itself as a foreign object in order to create a new sustainable urban space that will further express the conceptual nature around the native living and the complexity of the mortal appearance phenomenon. The project relates to questions regarding the dwelling space perception and  the [EX-TERRITORIAL] city space.

One of the leading conceptual idea behind this dwelling complex is the idea of compression. This concept raises the question of being and existence, in the internal and external space. The evolving density of the urban fabric is a response resulting from the compression process. Similar to the process of diamond formation in nature: carbon atoms located in  lithospheric mantle, which requires very specific conditions of temperature and pressure [external space], bonding carbon atoms [internal space] in a covalent network lattice that crystallises into the diamond lattice. We can come to think of the formation of urban spaces as a phenomenon that can be transformed through the incision of specific [SPACIAL] elements, which will redefine the urban surface and the urban space.


S//A : What’s the most important aspect of this project that we should be aware of?
Liran Yehuda Shukrun_ I believe that final architecture project should be an outcome of a theoretic concept based on a thesis that raises questions and challenges the different spaces we live in. My project shows the options behind the “being” concept (based on philosophy of Martin Heidegger). It shows that we must be aware of the fact that we shouldn’t loose our spaces and their poetic appearance to modernist objects in Architecture. We need to create a platform that will expresses the dialogue between people and the urban space.

S//A : What other fields outside of architecture interest you?
LYS_ Usually I like to observe Surrealism art, the painter Marc Chagall makes me wonder a lot about the relationship between me and my social and physical environment. In addition, I love to read poetry. My favourite poet is the Palestinian poet Mahmud Darwish that creates a discussion about birth and resurrection, and loss and doom.

S//A : Most important thing you learned in architecture school?
LYS_ The ability to criticize our living spaces and to create alternatives ways for planning spaces.

S//A : Describe your dream project
LYS_ My dream is to design a conceptual dwelling template that will contain an urban idea which will create a condition relationship and responsibility with the public places and communities.