Author : Andre Gharakhanian

University : Woodbury School of Architecture

Status : BArch, 2013

Advisors : Boberska Berenika, Casey Hughes

Title : Slip-Form City | Reconfiguring Landscapes for Living Agriculture

Due to the development of the California High Speed Railway, the counties that make up Central Valley, California, fear a dramatic increase in population resulting from the localization of San Francisco and Los Angeles. With an increase in population and their current densities, what percentage of the population will sprawl into Central Valley?

How can we accommodate a growth in society, while maintaining California’s multi-billion dollar agricultural industry?

The construction of the railway will intersect thousands of acres of land, leaving the immediate surroundings in poor farming conditions. Insufficient land development coupled with future implications of the railway system will result in the removal of a large percentage of California’s prime farming soil.

By challenging the conventional methods of design and construction of urban environments, the Slip-Form City explores the possibilities of producing arable land through the growth of a city.  

Allowing for the creation of land rather than its demolition, we are able to re-imagine new land-forms or cities that address the duality between architecture and agriculture. This relationship results in a series of reconfigured landscapes that increase the surface area of farming while accommodating for a growth in society.