Author : Martin Loucka

University : University of Stuttgart

Status : MArch, 2014

Advisors : Prof. Achim Menges, Oliver Krieg, David Correa

Title : Robotically Fabricated Glulam | Additive fabrication techniques for complexly shaped glued laminated timber

Pleasure piers were originally known as a site of fun, madness, and delirium. Amid the chaos of people and architecture, pleasure was a fundamental feeling that was experienced by all. Architecture should include pleasure as a program and organizing principle, especially when working in the idiom of popular culture and iconography.

The modern day Redondo Pier encompasses Los Angeles’s complexity but has unconsciously cast aside its history. Since the early 1900’s the pier has been damaged by disasters, rebuilt and added onto over and over – changing its shape, its plan, and its relationship to the city.

These accretional layers of reconstructed pleasure have resulted in a present day eccentric and eclectic architecture that visibly describes its own history. Slowly, however, the generic layer of global retail/entertainment program has started to blanket the diverse history of pleasure in our coastal piers. I propose to add a new site specific VERTICAL layer of hyper programmed pleasure that is censorial stimulating alternative to global retail flatness.

The vertical pier re-purposes the triangulated plan of the pier to create ocular pleasure from its framed views and vertiginous programming.


S//A : What’s the most important aspect of this project that we should be aware of?
Martin Loucka_ The architecture should serve as an autonomous public hub for people of all walks of life who can comfortably agglomerate without question of any hierarchical or Socio political backgrounds, in the midst of a Dystopic landscape.

S//A : What other fields outside of architecture interest you?
ML_ Travelling the world, theoretical physics, Drawing, Documentaries.

S//A : Most important thing you learned in architecture school?
ML_ Believe in your work, architecture is an incredibly subjective field, and it does not wait for reassurance from anybody.

S//A : Describe your dream project
ML_ My first realised project, that speaks 100% true to my identity as an architect.