Author : Matthew Sikora

University : University of Technology of Sydney

Status : BArch, 2013

Title : Prosthetic Architecture

The prosthetic mutant revolutionizes the programmatic and spatial composition of the New National Gallery, whilst paying homage to the existing architect’s (Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe) attention to structural honesty. Through the deformation of the original two-way framed roof structure, the mutant eliminates the need for the once sited, glass façade and load bearing columns, thus transforming the paved ground plaza into a single, open public space. With the addition of a lofted amphitheatre, folded from the roof structure, this exposed space accommodates for a wide variety of alternative exhibitions, whilst piercing the ground plane in order to funnel, otherwise obstructed, natural light into the foyer of the permanent gallery spaces beneath. Most evidently, the mutant transforms the galleries’ existing minimalist glazed pavilion into a brutalist architectural expression, which commands the attention of it’s planar context.