Author : Glen J. Santayana

University : Harvard Graduate School of Architecture

Status : MArch, 2013

Advisor : John Hong & Jinhee Park

Title : PriSchool | A Prison + School Hybrid

The thesis looks to address the outflow of prisoners and combat the challenges of recidivism. This is done through the implementation of a new typology of prison facility that symbiotically merges the program of incarceration and education.

The prison would be a prison for non-violent drug offenders. The school would be a school of criminology and criminal justice, and it will have a variety of traditional and non-traditional learning environments in which the inmate-student interaction is facilitated and encouraged.

The inmates will gain new practical skills and intellectual capacities that will facilitate their transition back into society. In addition, the mental and cognitive stimulation will allow former prisoners to gain a sense of confidence and dignity that may have been suppressed during incarceration.

Rather than regarding prisons simply as a means of punishment, that might ensure ex-convicts have no other future, this new system of higher education-incarceration will promote rehabilitation and the creation of new productive members of society.