Author : Tom Benard

University : Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture in Paris

Status : BArch, 2013

Advisors : Ricardo De Ostos, Christian Delecluse

Title : Organ of Evolution

This project, in theory, challenges the inevitable dilemma that has always existed between human and architectural conditions. Furthermore, the project tends to speculate on the opportunities offered to mankind by analyzing trans-humanism as a contemporary expression of mysticism.

Extrapolating the last discoveries in the field of organs reproduction, this system raises a question indicating a new role for architecture to play in the evolution of mankind; becoming beyond a tool, an embodiment of human condition, but merging and becoming a single integrated production.

This system would take the human bone structure as a base for an evolving architecture. Evolving not in terms of its shape, but in terms of its microscopic structure playing both the role of a living library and of a guinea pig for the scientific community. Embodying the rise and the depressions of a science (fiction) on the edge of mysticism.

The bone structure is erected by a  3D printer on the base of a bio-degradable polymer, used as a stem cells scaffold thanks porous system allowing for nesting and the merging of specialized cells.An artificial skin, created by the same machine would allow the creation and the sustainability of living structures, keeping it safe from external assaults, and creating an artificial vascular network for incubation.

The building is composed of  specialized laboratories, physically held by an exo-skeleton. The interdependence fully highlights the tension of life. The failure of a single element would threaten the wholeness of the edifice. The role of the scientists is revealed to be dual. On one hand, they tend to work for the human community as a vector of raising its condition, and on another hand to keep the tool operational. Then, then this series of so called buildings truly becomes one with human, in a process of bio-transcendence.