Author : Atira Ariffin

University : Architectural Association School of Architecture

Status : MArch, 2013

Advisor : Maria Fedorchenko & Tatiana von Preussen

Title : Moscow Metro | The Networked Labyrinth

A hybrid underground mixed music entertainment spaces is to hijack the Moscow’s most prominent public transportation system and becomes the ultimate social condenser of the Russian capital city.  Strategically located in the heart of the city with existing four Metro station interchanges, the Labyrinth will feed on the travelling commuters, while sucking in the pedestrians from the city surface deep into the whirling pool of endless euphoria snaking hundred meters below the ground level.

The project is developed through the rapid experimentation of conceptual models and diagrammatic frameworks that mediate between urban systems, architectural precedents and design approaches.  

The project is aimed to re-program the existing scenario by taking samples from Moscow’s nightlife and creating a new social-machine that will stir up and catalyst Moscow’s urban condition. Structured with the main elements of nodes and linkages that transforms into musical venues, the programs are arranged according to different speeds, from high-speed to zero-speed programmatic spaces, carrying users through endless transition of unexpected musical experience.

The idea is two merge two system, the Moscow’s entertainment/nightlife scenes and it’s transportation infrastructure network together to  function as social mixers or blenders. Through the emphasis on pragmatic research, two elements of the existing Moscow Metro, nodes and linkages are extracted, analyzed and developed further as the main concept of the Networked Labyrinth. The elements are re-programmed, redefined, re-structured and condensed to create a new hybrid music entertainment spaces and venues which is plugged-in and hybridized to one of the main Moscow infrastructure system, the Moscow Metro that stirs up, accelerate and catalyst the system.