Author : Natalie Kwee

University : Cornell University

Status : BArch, 2013

Advisors : Andrea Simitch, Inaqui Carnicero

Title : Idiosyncracities

The narrow slivers of Tokyo’s real estate are inhabited by peculiar hybridized structures. Seemingly unremarkable elements (stairs, vents, potted plants) randomly co-exist in a manner that appears bizarre upon first glance, but in reality are grounded in a logic of functional opportunism.
The thesis analyzes the genealogy of the Japanese domicile to propose a new type of housing that embraces the hybrid’s role in contributing to the city’s idiosyncratic personality. Concepts of domestic minimalism and programmatic maximalism are redefined, informed by evolving family structures and the increasing preciousness of real estate in a metropolis that is undergoing perpetual growth, adaptation and transformation.