Author : Daniel Roche

University : The Catholic University of America School of Architecture and Planning

Status : BS, 2014

Advisors : Jamie Tilghman, David Dewane

Title : HouHAUS | A Social Experiment

HouHAUS is a response to how our society has chosen to value consumerism and materialism rather than self-fulfillment and personal exploration. [ HouHAUS ] is a community, in Houston, designed to bring man and woman to a Pre-Industrial state of being. This retreat is achieved thru the revival of the Master and Apprentice Relationship. The apprentice chooses to live in HouHAUS in order to focus on his or her craft, which may be any honest craft that helps the apprentice achieve fulfillment, in order to find enlightenment. The master acts as the spiritual guide for the apprentice on his or her journey to enlightenment.

The plan is organized into six pockets of interaction. The master units are open to rent to anyone, for example a master candlestick maker or violinist. The result of placing differing schools of thoughts amongst each other leads to constant stimulation and free trade of idea. Elevating the pods off of the ground plane creates a permeable forest of columns that both visitors and members of HouHAUS can walk thru for pleasure and inspiration. The act of seeing the artist or mathematician work is crucial to the formula of how HouHAUS works because it acts as a metaphor for how, as a species, we do not exist to work separately from one another. We exist in order to achieve a greater good, together.

In conclusion, I believe that the Master and Apprentice Relationship is a more honest and true relationship compared to how humans relate to each other today, in both the work place and at home. The business relationship is not an honest relationship because the reason for its existence is in order to gain material wealth, which does not lead to fulfillment. The Master and Apprentice Relationship is true because both Master and Apprentice use one another in order to focus on their own craft while learning about themselves and one another thru honest work.