Author : Reem Nasir

University : Architectural Association School of Architecture

Status : BArch, 2013

Advisors : Nacho Martin, Manuel Collado, Manijeh Verghese

Title : Halite Delight

Las Salinas is a depository of natural and artificial processes at work. This environment reveals a diverse landscape consisting of an indented coastline fragmented into a range of salt pans, and evaporation pools. Due to human interruptions, a dramatic mountain of accumulated salt crystals sits in the midst of a pastel-coloured landscape.

Halite delight is a study of the salt resources that exist within the flats in different scales through experiments and tests. At the beginning the focus was on the material properties of salt, investigating its chemical and physical attributes.

A series of comparison studies were made to further understand the process of crystallization, using different chemicals such as copper ii sulphate, magnesium sulphate (Epsom salts) and aluminium potassium sulphate.

Through these studies, it was made clear that different crystalline structures exist. To control the speed of growth, crystal size and clarity, various factors for experimentation were considered, such as the solutions used, volumes, temperatures and host materials.

In parallel, a conceptual connection between the island and the salt flats is broadened through the idea of social experiences within Ibiza. What does the term ‘crystal’ mean to the island? How is a ‘crystal’ utilized? Through drugs? Use during meditation? In both cases, there is a clear hedonistic approach.

The end product resulted in a series of temporary dome structures situated on the salt flats. Various methods of salt crystallization would take place on the structure, accumulating a thick crust of salt to be harvested by day.

At night the domes turn into a leisure destination, where each dome contains a specific activity related to salt and crystals, finally ending the journey at the club ‘Halite Delight’.