Authors : Jacob Hartzell and Gregory Ingalls

University : Southern California Institute of Architecture

Status : MArch, 2015

Advisor : David Ruy

Title : Forum Les Halles 2040

Forum Les Halles 2040 is a REdesign of the busiest transport hub in Paris that will replace the failed designs built in 1979 and 2015.  Parisians have never supported any of the projects at Les Halles for their design nor their functions, yet it holds a number of adjacent sites with high regards including the Pompidou Center, The Royal Palace and the Louvre.  After examining the surrounding context, we determined to use our building as a means to “break” the Parisian courtyard and the Pompidou Center by utilizing techniques learned through the process of glitching.

A glitch within architecture can be achieved (and in our minds most successfully achieved) by copying.  Doubling an object estranges both the copy and its original. We used this [ copying process ] as a strategy to create obscene results.  We started with existing buildings as our [ base blocks ];  this allowed us to determine what it is we like about the buildings that fascinate us, break them down into useful components, and [ recreate ] a new architecture from them. Upon defining our site, The Forum Les Halles in Paris, France, our first move was to purposely copy the Pompidou Center across the site in a rough massing that created a courtyard, a façade toward the courtyard, and a façade toward the city.  Much of our focus throughout the semester was creating an inhabitable façade; and this is what we were able to achieve through this fusing process of copying in high density. Layering and depth was one of the reasons we had initially took interest in the Pompidou Center, and wanted our building to take this notion to the next level.  It becomes a façade that mimics the Pompidou from the outside, but has a different look on the inside. Therefor the city dweller is never certain when one stops and the other begins, succeeding in a gradual yet seamless glitch.