Author : Yoon Her

University : University of Southern California

Status : BArch, 2013

Advisor : Alvin Huang

Title : The Death of Authorship

The book once stored all the knowledge, or one’s authorship. However, in the 21st century, we no longer need tangible material—that is, the paperback book—to hold authorship. People are sharing ideas without noticing that he/she is violating one’s asset on their screen. Libraries were once the storage of authorship since books were incarnations of author’s original work. However, books no longer secure one’s authorship, and we need to think about how to preserve the idea of one’s originality.

The title, the death of authorship indicates the situation we are confronting for the 21st century, and tries to offer one’s prospective mind throughout the site of Pershing Square, Los Angeles. The building will hold emergent activities including writing, reading, printing, binding, and copyrighting. The program cycle is mimicking the process of creating, producing, and consuming of authorship.

The site is analyzed, and dissected by infrastructure and movement path lines. The line’s first carve the form, and then it cuts the masses that they created. the line network is then grouping the portions from different masses, creates inner zone for writer. The copyright offices, diamond pockets, are breaking the grid of reading, writing and circulation; suddenly create the tension between creators and consumers.