Author : Alicia Castellote

University : Escuela Tecnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid

Status : BArch1, 2012

Title : Automative Center & Museum For a Private Collection of Exclusive Cars

The site is such a privileged place that the museum aims to integrate with the surrounding nature. It tries to capture the light through its mesh cover, slightly showing the inside. Then, the smaller elements appear providing human scale to the project.

Unlike the traditional conception of museums that present the objects on the same floor level, this project proposes a hanging exhibition. It keeps the object suspended in the space in order to be observed from any point of view.

The mountain area is crossed by many paths and exciting routes which are very attractive for passionate drivers. Therefore, this environment is a point of reference for that user profile.

The project is much more than a museum… It is an Automotive Center: connexion point,  between routes, reference centre for car lovers, exclusive car workshop, meeting centre for presentations of the automotive sector and a test track.

The circulation through the exhibition area is done by hanging gateways using three access points.

The structure consists of vertical masts, a double family of orthogonal struts, uprights that connect the upper with the lower clamping.

The traction generated in the entire cable system is gradually transferred to the perimeter. Therefore it acts as a single entity since all joints are articulated and allow some flexibility.

The strategy to control the thermal environment inside is focused on maintaining continuous ventilation. Cold air is introduced through the lower levels and expelled through the top.

On the other hand, the visual environment is considered a very remarkable quality as the envelope provides a high coefficient of visual light transmittance. This creates optimal conditions for the perception of the cars.

The construction of the inner capsules is based on a ‘Structural Insulated Panels’ system. It allows the facilities to directly reach each of the spaces through the technical walls.