Authors : Marcus Abrahamsson and Benoit Croo

University : Chalmers University of Technology

Status : BArch, 2014

Advisors : Mikael Frej, Frans Magnusson, Klas Moberg

Title : The Archipelo Pavilion

The pavilion at Röhsska museum of design in Göteborg is entirely built out of precision cut stainless steel.  With perforations that shift the light and with joints that are put together by hand, it serves as a focus point in the big courtyard while visitors can relax in its shade. The pavilion is parametrically designed in Grasshopper and Rhino to optimize loads, sun and shade, and material use.

Words on the design_

The idea was to construct a pavilion that provided shading inside and outside. The pavilion therefore creates a network of spaces with the existing furniture that altogether manages to inhabit the large courtyard, like different small islands in an archipelago.

Inside the pavilion you can lie comfortably on the smooth surface where you find yourself in a space, the pavilion, within a space, the courtyard, that creates a small but secluded getaway from the hectic city life of central Gothenburg that is just outside the courtyard. The perforation in the ceiling spreads out an organic pattern resembling the one you would see from a tree in the forest.

Contrasting the sleek inside, the outside of the pavilion lets the visitor study in detail how the 133 pieces are joined together with 1535 joints.

Design and production_

Three triangles form the base on which curves are added to make up a double curved surface using one constant radius. The surface is trimmed to compose an interesting shape. Perforations are added to the top parts to enhance the inner experience of the pavilion.


Tests showed that the underlying geometrical structure enhanced the overall stability.

Making the parts using laser cutting technology and giving them the right curvature through compression.


S//A : What's the most important aspect of this project we should be aware of?
The most important aspect is that it that our ideas and concepts were translated into a 3D object using solely parametric design software.

S//A : What other fields outside architecture interest you?
Photography and industrial design.

S//A : Most important thing you learned in architecture school?
Probably what Louis Kahn said about design: “Design is not making beauty, beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration, love.”

S//A : Describe your dream project
First settlement in outer space.