Author : Colin Winchell

University : Woodbury School of Architecture

Status : BArch, 2013

Advisors : Ewan Branda, Eric Olsen

Title : Ambient Monument

More often than not, an architectural project is conceived via sketches and models that are rendered to illustrate the final product. In contrast, this project for a geological research center on the cliffs above San Pedro turns to the illustrative image as a principle means of genesis rather than as a mere representation of the outcome of a process.

This use of images drives the investigation of all aspects of the project, from overall form to program organization, material tectonic, and circulation. Its goal is to develop an idiosyncratic yet cohesive design that appears to emerge from its site, one that would be precluded by conventional methods.

This approach extends to the presentation of the project, which in place of drawings on a wall offers the viewer an immersive, illustrative context.