Authors : Sheena Olimpo, Ivan Rodriguez, Yuna Kubota, David Vuong

University : University of California of Los Angeles

Status : BArch, 2012

Advisor : Hadrian Predock

Title : Composite Wall System

This studio was intended to investigate a composite wall system of focused material and fabrication process through formulation of a half scale mockup. As a group of four, we explored an intelligent concrete wall system of horizontal draping fabric forming method.

The concrete panels were designed to maximize the unique characteristics of the fabric form concrete, which included flexibility and softness of fabric opposing to the permanence and hardness of concrete, varieties in the elasticity and permeability of different fabric types, and reusability of formwork.

Prefabricated interior and exterior panels were composed as rainscreen system. The structural performance was integrated in the vertical interior panels as embedded columns to hold exterior panels, instead of depending on the steel frame as the generally accepted approach for the concrete panel wall system.
The experimental process was mainly focused on different types of fabric, proportion of cement mix ingredients, sewing patterns of fabrics, and configuration of rigid jigs as well as the reinforcement and attachment systems. Plastic was used for the representation of the top half of the mockup to ease the immense weight construction task by heat draping the plastic on the same jig frames. The final mock up resulted in a 8′ ft. tall by 4′ wide, half scale model, weighing over 800 lbs.