A paradigm shift is taking place - new architecture - soon the unknown potentials for architecture and its' trained subjects will have a greater impact on/within the contemporary city, culture, and if not, the world.

Are building(s) the single basis of architecture today and should they still be tomorrow? More so, as the decaying role of the architect continues to depreciate, do we fold or evolve? Our perspective is optimistic, leading us to believe that there are indeed hidden opportunities for new-architecture to plug into, along with alternative forms of practice ; so yes, some of us must evolve.

S//A is an unprecedented democratizing force that's willing to revitalize and provide a platform for architectures' emerging counterculture; therefore a network for a new breed of thinkers/doers, who continue to render alternative,
unconventional, and experimental ways of reconstructing what architecture might mean in/for the future...

The expanding freedom of the internet, amplification of social networks, and rapid evolution of the digital-world has empowered creatives on a global scale; sharing of ideas, kick-starting conversations, developing unthinkable new levels of inventiveness, and uplifting disciplines that are simply flat lining. It’s no longer a matter of power, politics, or luck, as the 1% are gradually being rendered irrelevant. Great work, along with the right people are finally getting the righteous play they/we deserve. It’s better now than at any point in history, and we’re on track for it to get better and better...

Challenge what’s now, speculate what's next, and embrace the unrealized.

We have been working to create an international dialogue within a diverse network of architecture students, academics, professionals, and enthusiasts - critically challenging what architecture is, what it can be, and how it may be represented, furthermore realized…. Yet what's equally important is inverting and sharing this type of communication/community amongst the general public, in hopes to re-spark interest, interaction, and intellect for (the progress of) the built environment and (the value of) the architectural mind.

We’re part of a privileged generation, furthermore a worldwide collective of people eager for a new course, chance, and change. Ultimately, we are advocates of projects that stretch towards the unknown, ambitious enough to uncover potential possibilities that feed into an all-encompassing progress for the future.

Although the paracosmic spirit of projects is arguably dead in architecture profession, the schools still maintain an extraordinary space to dream, explore, and hypothesis' new challenging scenarios... However we think it can be better.

For the last five years we have been focused on untangling a set of intertwining issues, particular to architecture students: The limiting enclosure, education, and experience of schools, The lack of proper exposure/relevancy for students and their work, along with the non-existent networks, connections, and opportunity's for these students within or beyond architecture.

Empowering the creative youth within architecture schools has been our current focus (what we found most important and urgent), as we continue to digitally publish the most provocative, different, and challenging (Topic + Thesis) projects from around the world. We do this in order to share, influence, and inspire one another, yet this elite range or curation of projects is also a recording strategy to document the progress of academia's avant-garde. Geography, schools, along with their enforcers aren't to limit one's potential anymore, as students and others use these type of publications to learn and be exposed to alternative ways of thinking, producing, and representing ideas. After all, we always learn from each-other best, now we are in a position to do it on a global scale.

We recently had our own way of embracing a happy accident and expanding our platform into new media. S//A looks to continue and develop its' influence within the virtual world, using the social network as a sub-platform or direct connectivity to the people. Each social media platform will be used for a specific way to service a particular form of media outlook. Remote Topic and software Workshops, critical events, and contemporary happenings are also to be experimented in partnership with like-minded people, groups, and establishments.

We will continue to tackle our original mission, however things seem to have multiplied and developed on its' own. This growing continues to drift, with more and more student platforms popping up, social media plugs, in addition to architecturally trained creatives pursuing special projects outside of the traditions. We are looking forward to targeting other remaining issues and instigating new situations. 

Are we to bridge the gap between the academic and professional worlds? Or is the gap inevitable? More so, is there something more substantial to bridge?

A Remote collective of  individuals, horizontally structured and virtually linked from all 5 continents. Although anonymous, our team includes a wide-range of characters within the architecture practice and/or academia, along with those using their training outside the traditional discourse.

As this international aggregation expands , we will continue to press on new problems, projects, and opportunities to further this notion of "New Architecture".

S//A is always looking forward to new-comers that can elevate the team and magnify the movement.


Supporting a diverse range of projects, that question + push the boundaries of architecture, urbanism, and design.


Expose + empower people, groups, and establishments, both within the academic and professional world that continue to advance the discipline and beyond.


Advocate any form-ulation of an idea or act that transforms the accepted rules, processes, and strategies within architectures' evolving pedagogy or field of practice.


A curated collection of critically-challenging and provactive body of work that may educate, inspire, or influence architectures' future.


Producing, promoting and exclusively sponsoring progressive events, dynamic workshops, and all together unique happenings that matter.


A live and loud global-feed, looking to spread and influence new-architecture forward.