"A project, is an architect defining the world that surrounds one, and history records architects who performed projects"

We are in constant search of the most critically-challenging, rigorously-processed, and provocatively-represented projects coming out of architecture schools around the world.

Averaging about 25+ students project submissions every day, our dedicated editorial team is in strict search of  compelling/concise works that use architecture as a medium to convey new ideas. The 3 primary concerns we look for while group reviews is how strong the idea is, how intense the design + research process is, and how well the complete project is pinned/represented/communicated through language and visualization.

Ultimately we are interested in publishing authors/projects who boldly challenge the built environment; advocating the unbuilt and recognizing the unbuildable towards influencing new architecture and beyond.


Research & Design


"Change is the end resultof all true learning"

Thesis + Topic Submission Guidelines

Open Call 2016

Submit your best project(s) -  To:

Please fill in the blanks —> student(s):_ university:_ degree:_ advisor(s)/tutor(s):_ project title:_

All Visualization: images, drawings, photos, visual content must be digitally delivered in a single consolidated package

Please consider using the original/high resolution .JPEG/.PNG  files (we recommend using WinRAR or WeTransfer)

We also require a "Project Narrative" - a written description explaining the concept/process/result of your project as a Word Document, PDF, or simply include the written statement  in the email description.

Please answer the following interview questions:

– What’s the most important aspect of this project that we should be aware of?

– What other fields outside of architecture interest you?

– Most important thing you learned in architecture school?

– Describe your dream project

Note : we like to give authors the right in co-curating the visual organization of the publication, allowing for a more authentic and accurate way of displaying ones work. (So be sure that each image is given a: #_Title_ short description_)